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Our Process

We will walk with you through every step of the selling process, giving personalised and dedicated service to meet your unique needs.

Once you have decided to sell your property and have a time-frame in mind, contact us for an appraisal to learn the value of your property in the current market and what you can do to increase the sale value.

We will meet with you for a thorough inspection of your property, and then again to discuss the findings in your appraisal. We will work around the needs of your family and are happy to arrange out of hours meetings after the kids are in bed, or after dinner. You put the kettle on, we’ll bring the Tim-Tams, and we’ll have a chat.

In our initial meetings with you, we will provide a pre-listing information pack. This is a highly valuable resource including examples of marketing material, a DVD to answer commonly asked questions, a gift, a packet of Tim-Tams, a questionnaire that will enable us to help you better, and our book titled Real Advice, which is packed full of price-boosting tips for sellers.

Next, it is time to prepare your house for sale. This includes de-cluttering the property and attending to any maintenance issues that could be detrimental to sale. We have lived and worked on the Sunshine Coast for 35 years, and in that time have built a network of trusted service providers that can help you prepare your property for sale. We have access to a number of stylists that can make your property look its absolute best. We can also recommend a network of tried and trusted tradespeople to help with all of your maintenance and renovation needs.

At this point, you might consider getting a building and pest inspection before the property goes to market. We can include the inspection report in the marketing material for your property, which shows transparency and builds trust with potential buyers.

Now that your property is ready for sale, we will organise all aspects of the marketing of your property, including floor plans, photography, drones and aerial photography. Once we have photographs and floor plans, your property can be on the market within 3-4 days.

Once your property is on the market, we will arrange an open home, usually on a Saturday. Because we care about showing your property in its best light, we will find the best time to show it. Some homes shine in the morning, while others are most inviting in the afternoon.

We take pride in making the sales process supportive and individualised, and will call regularly to keep you informed of any progress. Immediately after the open home, we will give you a call with feedback. Later that day, we will also call the potential buyers who came to the open home. On the following business day, we will give you a full report outlining the interested parties, the comments made by prospective buyers, and any underlying negatives that can potentially be addressed.

Our expertise and support does not end with the marketing of your property. Negotiation is one of our specialties, and we will work hard to negotiate up to get a premium price for your property in today’s market.

Contact us today to discuss the sale of your property, and arrange an obligation free and no cost appraisal.

How To Get Top Dollar For Your Home

Timing And Pricing

Naturally, every seller wants to make sure they sell for the highest possible price, while every buyer wants to make sure they don’t pay too much (in their opinion).

Managing buyer expectations, and nurturing the buyer through the purchase process, is one of the key price influences.

A good buyer is almost certain to be aware of recent sales of similar properties in the area. Their price opinion will be almost totally based on sales of similar properties and emotional attraction.

Real estate is the only product on the market that has no recommended retail price, which can make choosing an initial figure something of a challenge.

Property is like concrete: the longer it sits, the harder it becomes (to get your price). So be realistic with your price expectations.

Preparing Your Home For Sale

Presentation is how a home looks, feels, smells and even sounds.

Presentation creates the ambience that forges a positive buyer experience.

Presentation will powerfully influence the one thing that makes a buyer ignore realistic price levels, and what every seller is ultimately looking for: emotional motivation!

Presentation will determine the amount of time your property spends on the market.

The Magic Touch – Our Marketing

We like to think of marketing as the overall process of not only reaching out to potential buyers, but also connecting on multiple levels using powerful, attractive images and great advertising copy.

We understand buyers have choices. We know that, when you’re selling a property, the enemy is similar properties for sale competing with you for buyer attention.

This is why we like to change the game wherever we can and go the extra mile to position our clients’ homes above the rest.

The days of selling real estate “sausage factory” style, where each listing and advertising campaign is pretty much the same, are long gone.

We offer our clients the most up to date marketing strategies when listing their home for sale.

Premier all listing on plus other internet portals.

Colour photos taken by our professional photographer/cinematographer.

A video of the home to showcase a walk-through effect, to arouse more interest in the home.

A full colour sign board containing a hero shot of the home, so that any prospective buyers walking or driving past can see a feature of the home not visible from the street.

Just listed DL size colour brochure that we hand deliver in the surrounding neighbourhood, to let neighbours know that a house is for sale in their area in case they have friends or family looking for a new home.

The details of the property will be spread using social media sources, for sharing with friends and family.

Your home will be listed on our website and information will be sent through our extensive data base.

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